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NEW WORK: I Miss You cards

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A mysterious package arrived at our flat yesterday. What could it be? My wife guessed before me… “Do you think it’s your cards?”

Yep! She was absolutely right! 

I miss you

I was excited to see that my watercolour designs had been professionally printed with perfectly sized envelopes. I ordered four different types of card. and they were all a lovely quality texture. But my favourite was definitely this one… in my “I miss You”design. This paper/card type is called “Acquerello” and it is 280gsm, not sure the pictures do it justice really, you have to touch it to really appreciate all the lovely ridges and bumps!

I miss you

I usually like leaving my cards blank inside, because I think the giver can always do a better job personally expressing themselves to the receiver than the card maker/designer ever could… but what do you think/prefer?


Author: Shoshy Cadoodle®

Shoshy Cadoodle® is London based illustrator, Shoshana Bratton, or Shoshy for short! She makes stationery, bespoke or ready to order and offers a personal and friendly service.

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