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Shoshy Cadoodle is an illustrator & artist. Here you'll find her work plus other interesting bits & bobs.

Welcome to the Shoshy Cadoodle™ blog!

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Welcome to the Shoshy Cadoodle™ blog!

I am Shoshy Cadoodle™… but you might know me as Shoshana.

I’ve taken some time to look up the dictionary definition of Shoshy Cadoodle™ for you.

Just to clear up any confusion before we begin.

Shoshy Cadoodle™ /shoshee ca-doo-dul/

Shoshy Cadoodle™1 noun. proper.

Shoshy Cadoodle™ is Shoshana Bratton, London based artist and illustrator. She also makes short films in her spare time.

Shoshy Cadoodle™, please can you draw a snail waterskiing and have it on my desk by Tuesday?

Shoshy Cadoodle™2 noun. common.

A painting, drawing, print or other object made or designed by Shoshy Cadoodle™.

Do you like my limited edition Shoshy Cadoodle™?

Shoshy Cadoodle™3 verb.

Creating of a Shoshy Cadoodle™ piece.

Look, Shoshana’s Shoshy Cadoodling again, typical!

Shoshy Cadoodle™4 adjective.

Characteristic of a Shoshy Cadoodle™ creation.Often colourful, sometimes cute, usually pretty and frequently whimsical.

That painting is extremely Shoshy Cadoodle™, I simply must have it. 

Hope that helps!

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I’m really looking forward to having you on my blog.
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Author: Shoshy Cadoodle®

Shoshy Cadoodle® is London based illustrator, Shoshana Bratton, or Shoshy for short! She makes stationery, bespoke or ready to order and offers a personal and friendly service.

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