Shoshy Cadoodle

Shoshy Cadoodle is an illustrator & artist. Here you'll find her work plus other interesting bits & bobs.

NEW WORK: Short Tongued Bees.

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An interesting fact I learnt recently is that bees with shorter tongues love flowers with a more open “face”. This means the nectar is more easily accessible… unlike some of the deeper flowers (e.g. honeysuckle).

So, daisies are incredibly attractive to these short tongued bees!

I'd Tap That

I love giving animals proper characters, personality and voices in my work, so this painting was especially fun to do!



Author: Shoshy Cadoodle®

Shoshy Cadoodle® is London based illustrator, Shoshana Bratton, or Shoshy for short! She makes stationery, bespoke or ready to order and offers a personal and friendly service.

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