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The earth laughs in flowers

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

Today is thanksgiving and I’ve been thinking the whole day about all things I am thankful for. One of those many things is how beautiful the world can be…

the earth laughs in flowers

The quote says it all – it coveys so much about the beauty in laughter and the beauty in the earth. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating! What are you thankful for? xoxo


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NEW WORK: Christmas is coming!

Christmas is just around the corner!

Although summer is my season, I’ll admit I do LOVE the pretty twinkly lights; hot chocolate topped with marshmallows; finding (or making gifts) for the special people in my life and the community spirit that comes with this time of year!

One thing I’ve been wondering about though, is who decided on red and green as theme colours for Christmas?! Apart from the obvious holly and their red berries, I couldn’t think of why these clashing colours represent this jolly time… unless they are just two of Santa’s favourite colours?!

No… apparently not. Through a bit of research, I now know why christmas trees are a tradition, plus the red and green mystery is solved. From the 11th Century, Paradise Plays were performed, telling the story of Adam and Eve. The only prop the plays used were fir trees festooned with apples. This decorated tree idea later moved in to  people’s homes becoming a Christmas trend and people started decorating them with more than just the red “fruit of sin” These colours have lasted for centuries and centuries – wow!

Coming from a Jewish family, we never had a Christmas tree growing up. Last year was the first year I ever decorated one at home! Even though it was a titchy tiny fake one we bought at Paperchase, it was still a lot of fun. (Thanks Paperchase!)

Monkey Pup, bigger than a Christmas tree! #monkeypup

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I’m looking forward to helping my wife’s family decorate their real, full sized tree in America this year!

So, going back once more to address the whole red and green theme – although traditions are very special, sometimes I like to break out of them and do things differently! Here’s a Christmas card I’ve designed, that has a more feminine feel to it.

merry christmasI decided on a palette of some cool blues/purples and greys, warmed up with a kick of peach and hint of gold.

merry christmasWhat do you think, would you break out of tradition with these cards?