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My Handmade Wishlist

There are some beautiful handmade items in the world, created by some very talented and clever people. Since I’m planning to start selling my own handmade goods online soon, I decided to make a blog post celebrating the wealth of beautiful things out there already available to buy online. Here’s my wishlist of all the pretty things I’d love to give a good home if money was no object. However, since it is, I’ve broken my list down into sections for clarity, starting with the lowest price, going up to the highest. I hope you enjoy looking at these creations and that it offers you some sort of inspiration… maybe inspiration for a gift for someone, a treat for yourself, or inspiration to try making something by hand yourself!

My Handmade Wishlist

Under £10

Typography Poster, Get It Girl by The Motivated Type on Etsy: £8.54

get it girl

I love this light hearted inspirational poster, and could definitely see it being a fun motivational booster in my studio… Its minimalism monochrome theme is very appealing and I can equally picture it looking great in a bedroom gallery wall, amongst other prints and pictures.

Grey Scallop Coin Purse by Emma from Mabel And Bird on Folksy: £9.50

grey scallop pursecoin purses

This screenprinted little purse is so sweet, Emma has lined it with a grey triangle print (not pictured, but I imagine very lovely, I always appreciate a different kind of lining – a bit like having your own little secret!) The light pink zip is such a nice touch, and it also comes in black… which is very confusing because now I can’t decide which version I love more!


Coffee First, Human Later mug by Alicia & Christina from Sea & Lake on Etsy: £10.70

coffee first

Now this mug deserves a place on this wishlist, even though I have it already (you may have seen me posting it on the Shoshy Cadoodle facebook page or Shoshy Cadoodle instagram!) I just couldn’t resist its charm (and truth) and it has quickly become my new favourite mug. It was made by a Canadian wife and wife team, Alicia & Christina. The talented team also have backgrounds in photography, just in case you were interested.

Ms. Betty’s Original Bad Ass Bitch Candle by Scott & Margi Higdon on Etsy: £12.30

bad ass bitch

What a fabulous candle! Such a great gift for the right kind of person, and apparently that’s how Scott and Margi’s business started off. They made a candle like this one for their friend Betty because “any scent I f’n want” and “bad-ass bitch” are the type of phrases she’d comfortably slip in to casual conversation. Mind you, now I’m imagining the scents that this soy candle can be made in, I’m wondering whether it’s a gift I’d really want to give away! This bad-ass bitch will have one in brown sugar & fig please, thank you very much.


Floral Embroidery Hoop Wall Art by Rebecca from Rehabbed Handmade on Etsy: £15.03

floral hoop

So in love with the pretty colours and tactility of this item. I’m not big on needlework myself, but if I was, I’m sure this is the kind of thing I’d aspire to make – beautiful! She also has some very unique jewellery in her shop, definitely worth checking out. Pizza or taco earrings, anyone?

Misty Forest Scuba and Suit Fabric Desk Basket by Glenis from Department of Calm on Etsy: £15.85

department of calm

The name of Glenis’ business conjures up something amazing for me, and I get that feeling when I look at this soft storage solution. It’s reversible and made out of upcycled materials from London’s fashion and interior designers fabric excesses… I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cooler desk tidy, cooler than this!

Glitter and Mint Envelope Clutch by Katie from This Loves That on Etsy: £16.40

glitter mint

Such a lovely envelope clutch, so simple yet so pretty. Katie also takes custom requests for different colours (and bridesmaid sets!) If I’d known about Katie’s clutches last year, they’d have been perfect little presents for Meredith’s and my sister on our wedding day.

Watermelon Canvas Tote Bag* by Wainu on Etsy: £17.08

wainu watermelon

This juicy looking bag made from organic cotton would be great for shopping, but if I had one, I’d probably want to take it everywhere with me! You can also ask for a personalised message to be written inside the bag, so it could be a very thoughtful gift.

*Dog not included


Yew Wood Wall Clock by Paul and Dawn from Woodland Clocks on Folksy: £29.95


Each of Paul and Dawn’s clocks are one of a kind because the raw wood is sourced from the wood yards of Dorset, and Somerset timber merchants. Each clock is cut, shaped, drilled and then triple sanded before the finishing touches are added, maybe with a wax or a varnish, or maybe left in its raw form. The whole process sounds so incredibly meticulous and the results are SO beautiful.

Necklaces by Abi from Rock Rose Jewellery on Folksy: both £50

bow arrow on

pencil necklace

These necklaces are both divine! The bow and arrow necklace is remarkably delicate and pretty, while the HB pencil necklace is just so stylish and fun. I could envisage the bow and arrow necklace being a very special valentines or anniversary gift. Abi studied fashion illustration before making her own jewellery. Interestingly, she says that she loves the timeless quality and the stories behind individual jewellery pieces, compared to how quickly fashion moves along.

Well, that concludes my wishlist (for now!) I’m sure I’ll be doing a post like this again at some point, as I had so much fun discovering these amazing people with their independent businesses and breathtaking creations.

Would any of these pretty things make it to your wishlist?