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Three Amazing Israeli Ilustrators You Need to Know About Right Now

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Inspired by my recent trip to Israel, here are three amazing Israeli Illustrators you need to know about right now.

  1. Noa Snir
    Noa Snir
    Noa was born and raised in Jerusalem but now lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Berlin, Germany. Her inspiration comes from looking at older art rather than contemporary art. Outsider art  – art by people who don’t necessarily see themselves as artists, is particularly important to her. She loves colour and often has to restrain herself not to use every single colour that exists! A problem I can completely relate too as a fellow colour addict.
  2. Asaf Ben Harroch
    Assaf trained as an animator but found himself drawn to the world of illustration (excuse the pun). His work is often influenced by his experience of the environment of growing up on a kibbutz in Israel – the silence and the wide open spaces. He says he often uses colours inspired by the light in Israel – as if he is looking through the world with a sandy golden filter.
  3. Sari Anne Cohen
    Sari is a bit of a wild card, because she was born in France and grew up in America, but now lives in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv in Israel.
    Sari says, “When I moved to Israel suddenly writing didn’t have the same communicative power anymore (since I couldn’t write in Hebrew) and I naturally started drawing more and more. After a few years I decided to go back to school to study illustration, which is a thrilling mix of narrative and visual.”
    I agree that communication is a huge part of illustration and it’s definitely one of the things that makes me adore it so much. Sari’s mix of bold colours, interesting patterns and crisp edges go beautifully with the stories told in her work.

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Shoshy Cadoodle® is London based illustrator, Shoshana Bratton, or Shoshy for short! She makes stationery, bespoke or ready to order and offers a personal and friendly service.

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