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London Local Pop Up At The Hackney Shop

From 2nd – 14th of August, 2016, I’ll be featured at a pop up shop run by The London Local Team at The Hackney Shop.

The store will be full of London based designer-makers’ goods, carefully curated by the team’s leaders and captains. (It was a very tough choice, as our team has now grown to 850 amazing members!)

To celebrate, I made this illustration, highlighting just a few of the many talented designers that will be discoverable at the pop up.

*Edit 3/8/16* Our opening hours have been changed to 12-6pm everyday, except Thursdays when we open 12-8pm.

shoshy cadoodle illustration for pop up

Donut cushions – The Cute Quipster, Concrete planter – PASiNGA, Dog’s bowtie collar – Hiro + Wolf, Spiky three footed planter – Kabin Shop, Knitted top – Pluck’d Designs, Necklace – Mustard and Mint. Illustration by Shoshy Cadoodle

If you’re not already following me on Pinterest, hop on over, click the follow button, and check out even more of the local artisans that you’ll see in The Hackney Shop, on this brand new board I’ve created.

Hope you’ll pop by!


The Hackney Shop
99 Morning Lane

London E9 6ND

Nearest rail: Hackney Central (5 minute walk)

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 12-6pm
Thurs: 12-8pm



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Etsy Made Local: It’s A Wrap!

Etsy Made Local took over cities all over the UK last weekend. It was an incredible event and I was so excited to have been asked to organise the Wrap Party at the event’s flagship venue in London. The Etsy head office staff did a fantastic job in co-ordinating so many aspects of the event, it was pretty mind-blowing to witness! Shoppers told me all weekend how lovely the atmosphere was; from the yummy hot chocolate to the live music; getting to meet all the talented makers/designers and free gift wrapping. Win! It was very different to manic Oxford Street and even Carnaby Street.

super duper 2015_12_04_1702_EML_London_ 97

Photo credit Yeshen Venema.

Louise, from Super Duper Things having a good old chat!

One of my favourite things about it was that it felt like a carefully curated exhibition but without all the pretentiousness that the fine art world can occasionally emit. It was wonderful to see all the shoppers having a giggle with the makers/designers and even a cute little pooch having a mosey round!

puppy 2015_12_04_1702_EML_London_ 141

“This is woofin’ amazing!” Photo credit Yeshen Venema.


Me, getting into the swing of gift wrapping! Photo credit: Yeshen Venema.

The whirlwind of a weekend started off with a press preview on Friday. I was excited to wrap up Lucie Ellen’s design your own bunting necklaces; Jo Heckett’s gorgeous ceramic decorations and the other lovely items the press snapped up. It was also a pleasure to get to meet some awesome bloggers and magazine editors!

Lucie Ellen’s Design Your Own Bunting Necklace concept was very popular. Photo credit: Yeshen Venema

Once we opened on Friday afternoon to the public we had an AMAZING team of wrap party volunteers from the London Local Team.

(Photo credits: Yeshen Venema.)

Pictured just a few of the amazing team of wrap party volunteers:

saffie hat

Photo credit Pluck’d Designs.

And another special thanks to my BFF, Saima (from LDN Shopaholic) and my wife, Meredith who were so supportive and energetic all weekend!

mer saima 2015_12_04_1702_EML_London_ 207 (1)

Meredith made her famous American mac ‘n’ cheese on Sunday night to celebrate the awesome weekend – I am SO lucky!!!

modern calligraphy envelope

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Quick Update! Giveaway Competition: Win a Shoshy Cadoodle® card or gift tag

Hello there!

Fancy winning a card or gift tag of your choice from Shoshy Cadoodle®?

modern calligraphy envelope

Well, you’re in luck, because we are super excited to announce that we’ve just launched our first ever competition. More details of how to enter are in my guest post over on London Local Team. I’ll give you a hint though, the competition involves snail mail and instagram… Two of my favourite things!

There are also tips on how to get started with Modern Calligraphy in my guest blog post, so that you can make cards/envelopes to your family and friends extra pretty and extra special!

Good luck! (I can’t wait to see your entries.)

PS. I have given you a head start if you go over directly to my instagram feed @shoshycadoodle

You’re welcome!

homeless lgbt youth stats


LGBT Homeless Youth and News About Shoshy Cadoodle

An alarming percentage of homeless youth are LGBT – a whopping quarter of them. They are much more likely to end up living on the streets than their hetero peers. Almost 70% of those LGBT homeless youth were forced out of home by their own families. Shocking, isn’t it?

homeless lgbt youth stats

Albert Kennedy Trust Statistics

The Albert Kennedy Trust provides much needed support and shelter to 16-25 year olds who are either homeless or living in a hostile environment where they are often physically and/or emotionally abused.

Since this charity is doing so many amazing things for homeless LGBT youth, I’d like to tell you about absolutely everything, but that would mean we’d be here until next year! So I will limit myself to listing just three fantastic things they do:

  • making sure the youth have food and clothes
  • helping with exam fees that couldn’t otherwise be afforded for a person suddenly in crisis
  • maintaining and improving mental health of those struggling by providing mentorships

After being so inspired by the Albert Kennedy Trust, I’ve decided to donate 10% of profits made on all Shoshy Cadoodle cards. You can buy them here.

a Shoshy Cadoodle card

Emoji Card

Plaid lesbian card hipster

If you’d like to know more about the Albert Kennedy Trust, information is available here:


UPDATE: Tears of Joy/Fear + Online Shop Opening!

Where on earth have I been recently?

That’s a very good question! Well, I’m about to share a few things that have been going on in this post. Are you sitting comfortably?

I’m not going to lie – a lot has been going on in the last two months! This included a big move out of our flat into a lovely house; discovering a whole plethora of work that needed doing to that house to ensure it didn’t fall down etc… and cue tears of joy about the move/tears of fear about the massive refurb project we were about to endure (and are still enduring!)

Monkey Pup hiding under the duvet, terrified of the new house.

Monkey Pup hiding under the duvet, terrified of the new house.

Mer re-painting the ceiling section where a builder fell through.

Removing decking that was caving in!

Removing garden decking that was caving in. Eek!

Monkey Pup finally getting used to and enjoying the new house!

Little Monkey Pup finally getting used to and enjoying the new house.

Enjoying the beauty Spring has been bringing to our garden.

Experiencing the beauty Spring has been bringing to our garden lately.

But in other news, as well as just freelancing for clients, I’ve opened my online shop where you can buy Shoshy Cadoodle™ designs directly delivered to your door!


I had spent a lot of time trying to work out the best way to open my online shop and after a lot of debate, I finally I concluded I would sell my work through

Two huge deciding factors of choosing Etsy were:

  1. Etsy celebrates handmade goods and the crafters/designers/makers/artists behind these goods. Being an illustrator/artist, I really appreciate that. I love finding out the different stories behind each shop and the processes and people involved.
  2. Community. Etsy prides itself on creating a sense of community and I love how supportive and encouraging that feels. I’m now part of a London based Etsy team and loving it.

In the time between first deciding to choose Etsy as the place to set up my shop to actually opening my shop “doors”, I joined a London Etsy team that was just getting itself started. The timing was perfect for me, because I was fortunate enough to go to it’s first ever meeting and there’s no denying how special it feels to be part of something growing from seedling to big, bold, beautiful tree.

We are definitely still in the seedling stage and that in itself is thrilling. I have a feeling this is the start of something tremendously magnificent and I can’t wait to watch our friendships and creative businesses develop and blossom.

I’m ridiculously excited for our next team meeting planned in May. Why not have a browse of our shops until I post the next team update?

I’ve compiled a little list of links of the people mentioned in this team so far:

Mine: ShoshyCadoodle

Sarah’s: BlueZinniaVintage

Tot’s: BrillAndBen

Keith’s: PopArtCity

Melodie’s: SlinkyLinksJewellery

Becky’s: PJMamma

Emma’s: WildFawnDesign

Stephanie: LittleObservationalist

I’m sure I’ll be lucky enough to meet more creatives in the team as time goes by and I’m thrilled about the prospect of all the new, interesting discoveries I’m about to make! So stay tuned.

It's now safe to say Monkey Pup is very comfortable here!

It’s now safe to say Monkey Pup is very comfortable here in the new house. I think that’s her saying, goodbye for now!


NEW VIDEO AND REVIEW: Turpentine, Creative Hub in Brixton

Turpentine began as a pop-up craft market run by three friends; Amber Rogers, Alice Waters and Jude de Berker. Three years later, Turpentine has found itself settled down, in a cozy, cute permanent home in London’s Brixton. It still offers a wonderfully created selection of beautiful (and affordable) goods made by local young artists, designers and makers; but now it’s also able to offer workshops too, making creativity more accessible to London’s dwellers.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Saima, asked if I fancied attending a jewellery making workshop she’d been invited to by StreetHub (StreetHub is great for discovering independent shops). Of course I said yes, despite not really knowing much about what it would entail but nonetheless excited at the prospect of learning something new, working with materials I’ve never worked with before, being creative and meeting some other bloggers!

The workshop turned out to be an incredibly uplifting experience, hearing the story of how these three friends’ dream turned into a reality; how Jude runs every single workshop herself and getting to try our hands at silver necklace making.

Jude was a brilliant teacher, very patient and fun, making sure we understood every step of the process. If we got confused, she was able to enlighten us by drawing diagrams or offering hands on help. The workshop left me wanting more and I’m looking forward to going back, whether it’s to buy something special for our new home or to try out one of the other workshops, I can see myself growing very fond of Turpentine, indeed.

Em, Jude and Emilia

Left to right: Em, Jude de Berker and Emilia.

Em runs a blog all about trying something new every week of the year (wow, what an incredible task!):

Jude, a qualified art teacher who studied Jewellery making at Central Saint Martins, is one third of the amazing Turpentine team.

Emilia is an “art director come graphic designer, photographer and illustrator”. Her beautiful blog can be found here:

Saima and ShelleyLeft to right: Saima and Shelley.

Saima runs a London based blog on all things wonderful, including, fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle: She also has her own youtube channel, which is fantastic for beauty, hair and fashion tips:

Shelley runs an arts and crafts blog with lots of really inspiring DIY projects:

 We all sketched out some ideas before we got started. In the end, I went for a bow tie design, as I liked the idea of something a bit fun and a bit tongue in cheek.

We taped our drawings to a piece of silver before using the piercing saws to cut out the designs. The saws are very delicate and easy to break… which I did manage to do. I’m sure you witnessed my big “WOOPS” moment in the video I made. I reckon it’s a bit like ice skating; you have to fall at least once, to get over the fear and to learn how to stay firmly upright!

Drilling the jump ring hole

I found drilling the holes for the jump rings slightly scary, but Jude was very reassuring by teaching us the correct method to be totally safe.

my little bow tie

Removing the blue protective film from the silver was an exciting moment, as it was just moments away from creating the finished piece of jewellery.

sanding away for smooth edges

Filing the silver pendant to achieve smooth edges was a lot less intimidating than the sawing and drilling!

our finished necklaces

Walking out of Turpentine that chilly evening, heading to the Brixton tube station, wearing my brand new bowtie necklace, I felt a very warm glow of achievement. What a buzz! Turpentine, I’ll be back!

For more info about Turpentine, check out their website or if you’re why not go to the shop in person?

It’s 3 minutes walk from Brixton station: Turpentine, 433 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LN

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REVIEW: Inside Stories – Quentin Blake at The House of Illustration

The House of Illustration has only just opened its doors to the public, though the idea for it was conceived more than 12 years ago. It was a group of illustrators, including Quentin Blake, who dreamed up this space. During those 12 years, The House of Illustration did quite a bit of backpacking. I’m incredibly excited it has now settled down in a spot I’ll be able to visit time and time again… for inspiration from historic to contemporary illustration. I love the idea that it is a place that will be “celebrating illustration in all its forms”.

House of Illustration


house of illustration inside stories sign

“Inside Stories”, the centre’s first exhibition delves deep into Quentin Blake’s working process, showcasing his initial ideas from storyboards to his finished work.
Inside StoriesAs I mentioned in my previous post, this was definitely nostalgic for me. However, it surprised me by also covering stories I’d never seen or heard of before. Such stories as “The Clown”, a story communicating entirely non-verbally; “The Sad Book”, which explores loss and grieving and “The Boy In A Dress”, celebrating individuality, and which sees Quentin Blake addressing issues no longer so taboo in current times. The final cherry on top of this exhibition is a video, taking you into Quentin Blake’s studio and on a mini-voyage, sailing with his thought process as he creates the kind of illustrations that have been a magical part of children’s and adults’ lives all over the world.



The exhibit was enthralling and left me feeling creatively awoken and energized for another productive week… and I can’t wait to see what else The House of Illustration will have in store for us in the future!


 Granary Square, King’s Cross, is also home to Caravan (mmmm…. delicious brunch!) and Central Saint Martins…

ping pong undergraduates

I came across some Ping Pong BA (Hons) students, prepping for their final exam at CSM. The pressure was on!

kings cross granary sq

 Granary Square often has cute these little food trucks, (that I need to try out one day!)