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London Local Pop Up At The Hackney Shop

From 2nd – 14th of August, 2016, I’ll be featured at a pop up shop run by The London Local Team at The Hackney Shop.

The store will be full of London based designer-makers’ goods, carefully curated by the team’s leaders and captains. (It was a very tough choice, as our team has now grown to 850 amazing members!)

To celebrate, I made this illustration, highlighting just a few of the many talented designers that will be discoverable at the pop up.

*Edit 3/8/16* Our opening hours have been changed to 12-6pm everyday, except Thursdays when we open 12-8pm.

shoshy cadoodle illustration for pop up

Donut cushions – The Cute Quipster, Concrete planter – PASiNGA, Dog’s bowtie collar – Hiro + Wolf, Spiky three footed planter – Kabin Shop, Knitted top – Pluck’d Designs, Necklace – Mustard and Mint. Illustration by Shoshy Cadoodle

If you’re not already following me on Pinterest, hop on over, click the follow button, and check out even more of the local artisans that you’ll see in The Hackney Shop, on this brand new board I’ve created.

Hope you’ll pop by!


The Hackney Shop
99 Morning Lane

London E9 6ND

Nearest rail: Hackney Central (5 minute walk)

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 12-6pm
Thurs: 12-8pm



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DIY BEAUTIFY: Copper Vessel Centrepieces

DIY BEAUTIFY: Pretty Copper Party Centrepieces

espresso cup table setting

Today I’m sharing a little DIY trick I did for a party recently, to beautify an event and make it special… without going overboard by hiring florists or stylists… something easy enough that you can create at home!

What you’ll need:

  • Spray paint (I used the copper chrome colour from the Montana Gold collection. You can find it at the London Graphic Centre.)
  • Clean empty glass bottles and jars (you can reuse beer bottles, wine bottles, jam jars etc…)
  • Something to protect the area you’re spray painting on
  • tea cups + saucers (or espresso cups as I used)
  • A bunch of pretty flowers bought or cut on the day of the event
  • Tea lights + tea light containers (I reused shallow glass pots)

A few weeks before the event:

  1. Start collecting the bottles, jars and tea light containers.
  2. Ask friends to help if you like, your collection will increase and vary more!
  3. Containers in a variety of shapes and heights will be more interesting for centerpieces than all of the same type.

What to do a few days before the event:

  1. Cover the surface you’re spraying on… (which should be an outside space.)
  2. After shaking your spray paint can vigorously, spray all of your clean bottles.
  3. Leave to dry for about 30minutes, then repeat, adding another layer.
  4. Repeat step 3 two or three more times.
  5. Leave to dry as long as possible, if you have to take them indoors, be careful transporting them… use tissue paper if you’re worried your fingerprints will show. I’d recommend letting them air dry for at least 24-48hours. When transporting the containers to the venue, wrap them up carefully in tissue paper, because as well as the chance of them breaking, you don’t want them to scratch the paint off each other!

On the day:

  1. Choose your flowers. I bought a generous sized bouquet which was plenty for three tables. You really don’t need a huge amount though and it will depend on what containers you’re using. For example, I only put one stem in the bottles with very narrow lips, but I put about five or six stems in the mini mason jars which had a wider lip. So if you have less budget for flowers, perhaps you’ll want to collect bottles with small lips, to make them go further!
  2. Remember to keep those blooms happy and hydrated! Fill all your containers with water. It sounds obvious, but in the heat of the moment, it could be something you forget, unless of course you’re a florist and this step would be almost blasphemous to skip.
  3. Have fun arranging! For the espresso cups I bought very small, dainty potted plants, but for the painted containers I used a varied mix of cut flowers with interesting shapes and colours, cutting them to appropriate heights.
  4. Don’t forget to light your tealights if you’re using them! (Also, word to the wise: don’t use the highly flammable spray paint on the tealight containers.)
  5. I added Shoshy Cadoodle menus and place cards for each place setting, with a pretty floral theme to match!

Extra tips:

  • You can have a lot of fun with masking tape! If you use it to wrap around a mid-section of a bottle before you start the spray painting, you will be left with a “naked” area of the bottle. This can look quite pretty as you’ll be able to see the stem showing, through the beautiful bottle in a really clean, precise way.
  • I used a copper colour, but you could create whatever colour theme you like. You just need to find the right spray paint! I bet pretty pastels for a outdoor spring wedding would be gorgeous.
  • So, I did do this for a party… but you know what? They’re also lovely little vases you could make for your home, either with flowers in or without… They might even make a nice homemade gift!

Here are some photos of the event I did, so you can see how it turned out. Hope this leaves you feeling some inspiration:

little mason jar

This mini mason jar is one I applied masking tape to, for that peekaboo stem trick I talked about!

table setting

The tealights really add a nice warm glow to the copper jars.

espresso cup saucer

I fell in love with these adorable little espresso cups, but vintage tea cups and saucers could look super pretty too.

Hope you enjoyed this post, it’s the first DIY post I’ve ever done, so let me know if I should post more like this!

Also, let me know if you’d find photos documenting the process along the way helpful. I tend to be a visual learner, perhaps you are too? Maybe even a video could work too for these types of posts, for you audio (and visual) learners? Feedback is always welcome, so leave a comment on this post with your thoughts.

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NEW WORK: Happy Birthday, Red, White & Blue

These remind me of PARTY POPPERS!

Nothing says celebration like party poppers… except maybe champagne…

Hm… one mention of champagne and I’m suddenly in the mood for a birthday party!
Can you blame me?!



These cards are printed on 280gsm Acquerello card.



Now, where’s the party and champagne?!

Shoshy Cadoodle invite

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SNEAK PREVIEW: Whimsical Wedding Invites

I’ve yet to design the RSVP cards to match, and have the set printed, but I couldn’t resist giving you a little sneak preview of some new Wedding invitation designs I’ve been busy painting and creating!


Alex and Josie

I’m looking forward to continuing work on this cute little package and can’t wait ’till the day I get to photograph the final set together.

The plan with all my invitations, is that, if the couple wants, they can be customised to match their personality and style… for example, change the wording, the typography… add more or alter the illustrative designs. I also plan to offer a service, where the couple can order me to make completely bespoke designs to fit perfectly with their vision.

For now, though, I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process!

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REVIEW: Inside Stories – Quentin Blake at The House of Illustration

The House of Illustration has only just opened its doors to the public, though the idea for it was conceived more than 12 years ago. It was a group of illustrators, including Quentin Blake, who dreamed up this space. During those 12 years, The House of Illustration did quite a bit of backpacking. I’m incredibly excited it has now settled down in a spot I’ll be able to visit time and time again… for inspiration from historic to contemporary illustration. I love the idea that it is a place that will be “celebrating illustration in all its forms”.

House of Illustration


house of illustration inside stories sign

“Inside Stories”, the centre’s first exhibition delves deep into Quentin Blake’s working process, showcasing his initial ideas from storyboards to his finished work.
Inside StoriesAs I mentioned in my previous post, this was definitely nostalgic for me. However, it surprised me by also covering stories I’d never seen or heard of before. Such stories as “The Clown”, a story communicating entirely non-verbally; “The Sad Book”, which explores loss and grieving and “The Boy In A Dress”, celebrating individuality, and which sees Quentin Blake addressing issues no longer so taboo in current times. The final cherry on top of this exhibition is a video, taking you into Quentin Blake’s studio and on a mini-voyage, sailing with his thought process as he creates the kind of illustrations that have been a magical part of children’s and adults’ lives all over the world.



The exhibit was enthralling and left me feeling creatively awoken and energized for another productive week… and I can’t wait to see what else The House of Illustration will have in store for us in the future!


 Granary Square, King’s Cross, is also home to Caravan (mmmm…. delicious brunch!) and Central Saint Martins…

ping pong undergraduates

I came across some Ping Pong BA (Hons) students, prepping for their final exam at CSM. The pressure was on!

kings cross granary sq

 Granary Square often has cute these little food trucks, (that I need to try out one day!)

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NEW WORK: a very bright Happy Birthday



These colours in these Happy Birthday cards are so cheerful and bright…

A classic Shoshy Cadoodle design, if I do say so myself!

Happy Birthday

These cards were printed on 300gsm card.


Happy Birthday

Hope you like them as much as I do.

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Being asked by emerging publishing company, Madeleine Press,  to design their logo was a lovely project. I got to draw these pretty madeleine cakes. I’d seen these mysterious treats before, yet never knew they were called madeleines. Just another thing I love about this job – always something new to discover!

The challenge I faced with this commission was keeping to the brief (a simple linear image) yet still communicating the fact that this was a madeleine. See, funnily enough when you draw a madeleine, they usually look a lot like your average seashell!

My solution was to give the company a couple of options:

1. The madeleine cake with a bite taken out of it.

Come on, who could resist something so cute and scrumptious looking?!

Of course someone’s already got started. Let’s be realistic here.

Madeleine Press


2. Serve it with a lovely cup of tea!

(Oh boy, oh boy! That sounds like my kind of logo any day!)

Madeleine Press (Plus tea!)