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Shoshy Cadoodle is an illustrator & artist. Here you'll find her work plus other interesting bits & bobs.

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NEW WORK: Happy Birthday, Red, White & Blue

These remind me of PARTY POPPERS!

Nothing says celebration like party poppers… except maybe champagne…

Hm… one mention of champagne and I’m suddenly in the mood for a birthday party!
Can you blame me?!



These cards are printed on 280gsm Acquerello card.



Now, where’s the party and champagne?!


NEW VIDEO: Self Image 2014

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Self Image Video 2014

What is this?

So, over on my wife and my youtube channel we have just made these new videos entitled “Self Image 2014”.

They are little time capsules of how we see ourselves at this time. The goal is to make them every year.

Where did the idea come from?

It’s a viral project started by a youtuber called “Eric’s Every New Day.” We discovered it through a youtuber called Ashley Mardell, who leaked her secret playlist of personal inspiration. On that playlist was a video by Emily Diana Ruth who made one of these Self Image videos and the rest is history! That’s how we got inspired to make these mini time capsules.

Why is it on your blog?

I’ve included it because I have featured some of my Shoshy Cadoodle work in it. Also, though, I wanted to share it to see if any other creative people could relate. It is hard sometimes to feel confident labelling yourself as one thing or another. It’s so nice to find that you’re not alone with your little quirks and people can connect to you! So fingers crossed, I’m not the only odd one out.

If any of what I said in the video rang a bell, in the present or the past, I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below.

Also, if you want to see more videos go to our youtube page to click the subscribe button so you can stay updated:

[The subscribe button is in the right hand corner, near the top, under the cover photo/channel banner!]

Hope you enjoy this… don’t forget to leave me your thoughts.

Shoshy Cadoodle invite

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SNEAK PREVIEW: Whimsical Wedding Invites

I’ve yet to design the RSVP cards to match, and have the set printed, but I couldn’t resist giving you a little sneak preview of some new Wedding invitation designs I’ve been busy painting and creating!


Alex and Josie

I’m looking forward to continuing work on this cute little package and can’t wait ’till the day I get to photograph the final set together.

The plan with all my invitations, is that, if the couple wants, they can be customised to match their personality and style… for example, change the wording, the typography… add more or alter the illustrative designs. I also plan to offer a service, where the couple can order me to make completely bespoke designs to fit perfectly with their vision.

For now, though, I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process!

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REVIEW: Inside Stories – Quentin Blake at The House of Illustration

The House of Illustration has only just opened its doors to the public, though the idea for it was conceived more than 12 years ago. It was a group of illustrators, including Quentin Blake, who dreamed up this space. During those 12 years, The House of Illustration did quite a bit of backpacking. I’m incredibly excited it has now settled down in a spot I’ll be able to visit time and time again… for inspiration from historic to contemporary illustration. I love the idea that it is a place that will be “celebrating illustration in all its forms”.

House of Illustration


house of illustration inside stories sign

“Inside Stories”, the centre’s first exhibition delves deep into Quentin Blake’s working process, showcasing his initial ideas from storyboards to his finished work.
Inside StoriesAs I mentioned in my previous post, this was definitely nostalgic for me. However, it surprised me by also covering stories I’d never seen or heard of before. Such stories as “The Clown”, a story communicating entirely non-verbally; “The Sad Book”, which explores loss and grieving and “The Boy In A Dress”, celebrating individuality, and which sees Quentin Blake addressing issues no longer so taboo in current times. The final cherry on top of this exhibition is a video, taking you into Quentin Blake’s studio and on a mini-voyage, sailing with his thought process as he creates the kind of illustrations that have been a magical part of children’s and adults’ lives all over the world.



The exhibit was enthralling and left me feeling creatively awoken and energized for another productive week… and I can’t wait to see what else The House of Illustration will have in store for us in the future!


 Granary Square, King’s Cross, is also home to Caravan (mmmm…. delicious brunch!) and Central Saint Martins…

ping pong undergraduates

I came across some Ping Pong BA (Hons) students, prepping for their final exam at CSM. The pressure was on!

kings cross granary sq

 Granary Square often has cute these little food trucks, (that I need to try out one day!)